Project timelineMarch 2023 – April 2023(7 Weeks)
Renovation typeWhole-house renovation
Budget:$60,000 ~ $90,000

3 problems we helped the client to solve during the project:

  • -Client change their mind of what sink they wanted after the kitchen cabinetry had been made
  • -Kitchen sink cabinet had to be customized later to their sink
  • -Countertops also had to be changed to match the new sink

ProStyle Home is thrilled to announce the completion of the renovation project for Upper Madison College. This project aimed to transform the college into a modern and inviting space for students to enhance their learning experience. Our team of expert designers incorporated the red and white theme colors throughout the college to match Canada’s national flag and national colors, which Upper Madison College believes reflects Canada’s unity, diversity, and rich history, creating a warm and welcoming environment for students from all over the world.

As part of the renovation, ProStyle Home worked closely with Upper Madison College to create a dynamic and engaging learning experience that prepares students for success in a rapidly changing world. The red walls in the classrooms and common areas serve as a visual representation of the college’s commitment to innovation and modernity, instilling qualities of passion, determination, and strength in its students.

This renovation project was completed efficiently within the timeframe of 8 weeks, and Upper Madison College is extremely satisfied with the outcome. The before and after photos clearly show how the transformation has improved the look and feel of the college, creating a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere for both students and faculty. At ProStyle Home, we are proud to have helped Upper Madison College achieve their vision and create a welcoming environment for students to thrive in.